DARE Graduation by ISHIKA S.
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with Officer Arroyo

When we had our D.A.R.E. Graduation, we went to our classroom first. While we were waiting, we played silent ball. Then when it was 6:45 we went to the APR. All of our parents were there, it was kind of embarrassing! Then we sat down in our assigned spots. Some of the students weren’t there.

Officer Arroyo explained what D.A.R.E. was, and then he announced the poster winners: Gio, Jorge, Kevin M, Anthony, and Aliyah!! They got a certificate, a medal, and money. Then he announced the essay winners: Eli, Ethan, Piper, Sidney, Taylor, and Tyler! They got the same thing.

Then he called each class. All the students got up, and then we went to shake the police officer’s hand, and took the certificate. Then the other police officer had to shake our hands, and he gave us a pin that said D.A.R.E.!! All the classes went up, and got those prizes. Then the graduation was over. We had cake. Then we took the posters off the walls to take them home. We took pictures with the officers. We had a lot of fun. I enjoyed it.