LET'S TOUR THE FBI - Virtual Field Trip

Learning about what the FBI is, jobs at the FBI, how detectives solve cases, and the role of fingerprints.

LOGIC PUZZLES - process of elimination

FINGERPRINTING - Five basic types of fingerprints and Fingerprint Card

PROCESSING AND DOCUMENTING A CRIME SCENE - Securing the scene, observing, marking, photographing, measuring (including metric conversion), and reporting - Just the facts, Ma'am

TOOL IMPRESSION - Using clay, observe, sketch, and compare marks made by different tools

CHROMATOGRAPHY - See how colors separate in different markers when put in water

POWDER ANALYSIS - Test, observe, document, analyze, and report on results

HANDWRITING ANALYSIS and FORGERY LAB - 12 characteristics of handwriting

CASE SUMMARIES AND ANALYSES - For each activity, we write a case summary and analysis.

Trip to Wharton Police Station